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0455Frolov, AlexanderLos Angeles KingsNHLThird1999-0724
9892Frolov, AlexanderLos Angeles KingsNHLDark2007-0824
9916Frolov, AlexanderLos Angeles KingsNHLLight2007-1124
UL4026Frolov, AlexanderLos Angeles KingsNHLDark2008-1124
UL4789Frolov, AlexanderLos Angeles KingsNHLThird2008-1124
54499Frolov, AlexanderLos Angeles KingsNHLGretzky 99 Retirement200224
58016Frolov, AlexanderNew York RangersNHLDark2007-31
58018Frolov, AlexanderNew York RangersNHLLight2007-31
63708Frolov, AlexanderNew York RangersNHLThird2010-31

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