JerseyCal 3.0 (Dashboard and Yahoo!)

Create calendars to display on your desktop using the jersey database.

Either create a new calendar by filling in the ID numbers for all 31 days, or enter a calendar name that you created on the site - or is being shared by another creator.

New in this version is a random function that will automatically create a calendar using whatever search term you enter. Simply use "ran_" followed by the criteria. The calendar to the right was created using "ran_Flyers", you can use team names, cities, leagues or even first names. If 31 different jerseys are not available the widget will tell you how many are needed before the calendar can be created.

Once a calendar is loaded you can release it for editing and change the jerseys as you wish.

The date is shown as the jersey for the day, and is automatically updated. Optionally you can choose to display any jersey on the calendar by selecting it and then clicking the "Selected" button on the bottom of the widget. Jerseys can be displayed in normal size, as well as mini if you want more space on your desktop.

Selecting "Show Jersey on Start" will automatically start the widget in calendar mode.

Requires Dashboard for either Mac OSX Tiger or Leopard.

Requires Yahoo! Widgets version 4 or higher. Mac and PC.

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