The New

After 6 months of rewriting almost all of the code for the site and drastically changing the appearance to work better with the content the new site is finally up and running. You may experience a few small issues as I sort out any abandoned links or problematic bits of code, but otherwise everything should work faster, better and more reliably. It's been tested for a few months and nothing really came up that was a serious problem.


Besides the obvious difference of appearance there are a number of things that weren't on the old version of the site:

- Flash Spinners

- The ability to save your created signatures, wallpapers and icons.

- A Popularity Contest function.

- Shared calendars.

- Improved Signature creation function

- Improved Avatar function

- The forum has been overhauled

- The Wikis have been streamlined

- The search function now shows all content

- Helmets

- New start page for accounts

- Direct access to the Jersey Maker UCP

- Completed Templates

- Probably more that I can't think of at the moment...


Hopefully things run smoothly for everyone out there, bare with me if you find any small hiccups, if anything major pops up please inform via the contact link at the bottom of the page, or via the forum.

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