End of the year report for 2008

The current state of things here on

- BR7 has finished of the XFL, which means just about every jersey ever worn in that league is now on the site.

- Scooter has finished the NFL helmets which will be up on the new version of the site in the coming days.

- Just about all of the new NHL third jerseys have been posted, I think Ottawa is the last team that needs to be completed.

- The BETA version of the site - found here - is coming along. There are a few pages that need to be completed and some functions to be added but the majority of the new site is operational. I have some fine tuning to do for IE7 but you should be able to access the new features without a problem. Included are:

  • New graphics throughout
  • Saving of signatures, wallpapers and avatars
  • Improved advanced search
  • Improved wikis
  • Improved signature and avatar makers
  • Flash spinners
  • Completed templates
  • Lots more that I can't think of at the moment
  • I hope to have things completely done and ready for open testing in the coming week.

    - The 2009 Winter Classic jerseys should be up tomorrow.

    - There are now over 42,000 jerseys on the site, when 2008 started there were less than 5000.

    That is things in a nutshell. Happy New Year to everyone out there and we'll see you in 2009 with a lot of new things.

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