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There were a total of 815 votes cast, and I'm sure they were all cast by different people.... Although I wouldn't say it was a fair poll, it did accurately predict the winner:
Obama: 400 votes
McCain: 365 votes
Nader: 50 votes

Because it is only once every four years, and because it more or less determines the king of planet Earth...AND because this time around it may actually effect all of our lives in a positive (hopefully) way...I have added both of the candidates in this year's election to the database in the form of campaign t-shirts.

You can vote for them by adding them to a signature, creating an iPhone wallpaper, creating an avatar etc., as well as by simply clicking the green plus button or using the "voting area" on the top of the home page.

Unlike the state of Florida I don't care how often you vote, or who you vote for...election results will be found on the home page at some point after the real polls close...

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