2008-09 NHL Third Jersey Images Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

The much rumored return of the "third jersey" seems ready to become fact for the 2008-2009 NHL season. Images abound on the net featuring cell phone images, cryptic color changes and actual statements from teams. However the best information yet dropped on the hockey world (or at least those that take an interest in what the player's wear) has come from HockeyBuzz's Howard Berger who recently posted vivid descriptions of images he has seen of both the front and backs of the jerseys.

The complete post by Berger can be read here.

In the spirit of this site I've done my best to create images based on the descriptions given, some are more informative than others. The following are my interpretations accompanied by the text from well as some thoughts.

Los Angeles Kings
"The Kings will unveil a predominantly black jersey with the letters "LA" inside a pencil-point logo on the front. Broad white stripes will adorn each arm. A thin white stripe will run horizontally on each side of the jersey, just beneath the shoulder. There are no stripes at the bottom of the uniform. The color purple"widely evident in the Kings "primary jersey" will likely be featured in the number outlines of the alternate, though the photo copy I have doesn"t clearly show it. A better idea would have been a reprise of the Kings original purple and gold uniforms from 1967, but the club marketers are apparently not bent on tradition."
- This is kind of up for grabs regarding the use of silver over purple and the shoulder patches. It sounds like what they are going for is the Gretzky era jerseys with some hints of the current ones. As long as they don't do silver numbers and names on a white jersey again things should be ok...

Ottawa Senators
"A dramatic change in the Senators third jersey will see a predominantly black uniform with the word "SENS" angled upward on the front. A fashionable red stripe will run from the arm pits, down the side of the jersey, to its base, where the stripe turns inward. A pair of narrow red and white stripes will adorn each arm, and the very bottom of the jersey. It"s quite a sharp design."
- design but just plain awful use of the team's name on the front. I'm not sure if the Senators have been around long enough (disregard the old team...) to throw a nickname on their jersey. The Canadiens never put Habs on theirs...

San Jose Sharks
"Though the photo I have is a bit grainy, the Sharks will wear a predominantly black third jersey with aqua and white stripes on each sleeve. The back number is white. The traditional Sharks "biting-stick" logo is on the front."
- Seen these before? Yes, well...there back. Just when you thought it was safe to go in....nevermind. These actually do look good on the ice - just don't use arched names and the old numbers...otherwise we've got the Minnesota Wild two teams in one thing going on. Seriously, keep it simple and stick with the basic block numbers you've gone back to, they make you look like a hockey team not a merchandise machine.


"Another significant change. The Blues will introduce a dark-blue alternate jersey with a white stripe trimmed in black on the sleeves and uniform base. The club's traditional "blue-note" logo appears within a circle on the front of the jersey, with the city"s famous Gateway Arch in the background. It will also have the lace-up feature."
- I hope to god they have more going on on the front of these then they do on the back, or at least have some unmentioned shoulder patches. These are a huge wild card for St. Louis, they may look great...or they may crash and burn. I still haven't figured out why a team with the Blues history didn't op to resurrect something from the 70's.

Tampa Bay Lightning
"Also completely different. The Lightning will introduce a predominantly dark-blue alternate with the word "BOLTS" angling downward in white on the jersey front. A narrow white stripe is featured above a broad black stripe at the uniform base. Grey and white stripes are on each arm, and the latter half of the sleeve, to the tip, is black."
- Oh you thought "Sens" was about "Bolts". Not digging that at all. In fact since I don't live in Florida I've never even heard someone call the Lightning that. Alas...I'm not the target audience or on the team so I guess it doesn't matter. None the less one can't help thinking that it really is...well...a bit silly. The jerseys themselves may however end up looking better than either the home or away jerseys simply due to the fact that they are using dark blue.

Vancouver Canucks
"The Canucks are going back to their inception in 1970-71 by bringing back the predominantly blue road jersey the club wore. At the bottom of the jersey "and on each arm" is a broad green stripe flanked by a pair of white stripes. The club"s original "hockey-stick-in-a-rink" logo is outlined in green and white on the front."
- Correct me if I'm wrong here...but isn't that the Canucks current home jersey? Maybe they'll take away the shoulder patches or change the font, but it's still nearly identical. Maybe we're talking about the V-sleeved jerseys, in which case things just got a little more interesting.

The Canadiens are wearing a total of 6 "centennial" jerseys, 4 this year and 2 next. The styles are from 1909, 1910, 1912, 1915, 1945 and 1970. The 1945 version is the same the team wore as a vintage third jersey up until 2007. (The white one.)

There you have it, my versions based on the descriptions available. Now all one has to do is sit back and wait...and see how completely off everyone was.

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