1999 MLB Turn Ahead the Clock Jerseys

No doubt anyone who has ever cared about uniforms is privy to the existence of these, if you aren't then shield your eyes. In 1999 Major League Baseball played a series of games wearing what were supposed to be futuristic uniforms. Not all team's participated, 9 declined (smart) and the Tigers vs. Red Sox game was never played (lucky).

The blame for this whacky idea actually lies with the Mariners who came up with the promotion during the previous season. They played one game with the Royals using the idea, and somehow Major League Baseball decided to expand upon it.

Some teams actually put some effort into these, while it seems others (Atlanta, Philadelphia) really didn't want to get into the fun and simply slapped their modern logo on a short sleeved jersey. If you had to give an award here it would probably have to go to Arizona (honorable mention to St. Louis - those are mechanical Cardinals on a metal bat.)

Below are all of the jerseys, with the exception of the Detroit Tigers, who never actually had their jersey released. There are images about showing what are more than likely prototypes that involve tiger striped sleeves...and tails. The Rockies wore two different jerseys, one for home and one away. Anaheim had two different jerseys, but only wore the blue one.

After the images are links which include photos of the jerseys.

Links - Turn Ahead the Clock Night
Uni Watch/ESPN Retrospective
Images of most of the jerseys

There used to be some video circulating of the jerseys in use but it looks like Major League Baseball has since had it removed. In addition to the jerseys some teams also had special hats for the games - but that's another subject.

The jerseys can be found in the database here.

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