Pass: Signature Maker and Playoff Tracker

A couple of new things for the 2008-09 Playoffs available over on that use jerseys and the database.

The first is a signature make that uses all of the current NHL sweaters and players for making special playoff forum signatures. These are built by simply typing in a team or player and clicking on the listed outcome to add them to your signature. Features every player and jersey in the league, and the cup logo, and has backgrounds specific to each of the 16 teams in the playoffs.

You can check it out and build your own at the following page on Playoff Signature Maker

Also for you can add a Playoff Tracker to your website or blog by embedding a line of code that will display the above image. It is dynamically created and will show the Playoffs bracket for this year with updated series standings using jerseys from the database. Clicking on any of the team sweaters will take you to that team's page on

You can see an example at the top of the blog.

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