What year is it in the shop? 1993?


At some point I signed up for the NHL newsletter and I guess I forgot to check the box for actual news, but instead only checked the one for "deals in the shop". Now, I get LOTS of these e-mails, at least one a day. However, today I actually had to stop and look twice at what they sent me. Not because of the startling good deal, but the amazing lack of taste displayed.

Contrary to my initial intake of the image above, this was not advertising a sale for outgoing products (read: old and ugly) but rather free shipping on orders of more than $50. So, if you want to say buy some of the fine items above they will be sent to wherever you were living in 1993. Since, I'm pretty sure that was the last time anything shown above was considered fashionable. (The one exception being the Wild windbreaker...and maybe the coffee mug...)

Seriously, look at that stuff. How can the NHL, in 2009 be so shamelessly incapable of offering some decent fan related merchandise clothes wise. Everyone else can do it. I mean, the true horror here is that the above items were specifically chosen to intrigue fans into visiting the store. Which is tragic, because it means that they consider that barrage of Hammer Time-era apparel to be the pinnacle of what they've got on offer.


Let's analyze this closer:

From left: Coffee mugs...they're coffee mugs. I'm sold.

Ridiculously ugly Dallas Stars hat with some weird white stuff going on, no doubt includes 6 Rbk logos.

Designed to be uncool Red Wings hoodie thing that has too much going on on the front, including inane two-tone sleeves. Why?

Unretro retro attempt at no longer fun green Sharks St. Patricks ringer. Your friends will be ever so even says Old Time Hockey. Try one good idea, rather than combining three bad ones.

Canadiens t-shirt complete with dominating non-subliminal face slapping logo creep. In case you forget this morning that it is the Reebok National Hockey League now.

The aforementioned nearly OK Wild doubt additional views of this product would provide us with something seriously wrong.

Islanders Rbk Hockey. Two things that work together and one big fat giant Rbk logo in off setting colors to remind you again that it is the Rbk Hockey League and that the important thing is that you make people remember that.

Can you put a price on this amazingly hideous Leafs...thingamabob? How bad does it have to be, to actually be the worst of the bunch featured above. When was the last time anyone could ever wear something like that? It looks like something you pick up at a thrift store....originally bought in 1993. Of course there is some sort of number going on on the sleeve there - cause things weren't cluttered enough - that looks like a 7. So, maybe it 1987 they are going for. Honorable mention goes to the tie down collar. Cause normal people need that. Want to know the price? 90 clams. Nine-zero.

Too much going on Devils t-shirt that informs people that you would like them to stop and take 10 minutes to read what your shirt says. It says you have terrible taste, and the NHL needs to look at updating their profile...oh and that you are a Devils fan.


Please post your glorious finds over on in the comments below. Points are given if the item includes more than 4 Rbk logos.

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