Return of the Who's Missing Contest

Alright, now that the new site is up it's time for a new contest. If you've entered one of these before than you know how it works. In this particular contest we are taking on all sports, and even sports not on the site. Just post the most worthy candidate who is not currently in the all. Please don't duplicate other posts, be sure to read the entire thread to see who has already been suggested.


The basic rules apply:

1. Post as many suggestion as you like but be sure to check all previous posts so as not to duplicate anything. Basically the first person who posts it claims it.

2. Consider the fact that some jerseys can not be made, Ty Cobb for instance has no name or number.

3. Only player jerseys, not fronts, hats or helmets.

4. Make sure the player isn't already in the forum.


What do you get?

The winner will receive a custom jersey in the database listed under contest winners. You can pick or design anything you want. Your suggestion will be added to the site (we'll try to add most of the suggestions made.) Custom forum title, if you don't already have one. Everlasting fame, glory and possible reincarnation as a higher being*.


Post should be made via the forum thread here:

Return of the Who's Missing Contest - Thread


Have at it, this contest is open to everyone and will end on March 31st, 2009.


* Based on your denomination.

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